600x600 HHead case study

Anwyl Homes Croes Atti site


Hollingsworth Bros have recently carried out the specialist installation of a precast concrete culvert to its Anwyl Homes Croes Atti site. The installation was completed within two days using a 200t crane hired from Bob Fancis (Crane Hire), this came however after months of design and planning work to ensure that the onsite operation were smooth and without delay. In total 11 precast culvert section were delivered each weighing 14.9 tonne. The culverts were position by the 200t crane and then manoeuvred into place using culvert pullers. The site team led by Heath Griffiths worked till 9:00pm to make sure the installation was completed to the required programme which has now enabled the remainder of the project to continue. Haydn Hughes (Construction Director) commented –“Hollingsworth Bros prides itself on specialist Civil Engineering works such as the culvert installation, it is a great example of what the company is capable of – a pat on the back to all involved”.