Buyer / procurement manager vacancy


The Candidate will be responsible for ensuring that the materials required for projects are provided to schedule according to projected budgets and programme, giving feedback to management of lead in times. The candidate will have a vital part to play in helping ensure the profitability of contracts since they are responsible for ensuring that the most cost‐effective and appropriate materials are purchased.

 Typical work activities include:

  • providing prices for all materials included in project plans and drawings;
  • identifying potential suppliers and new products;
  • contacting a range of suppliers and sub‐contractors to obtain quotations and
  • agree delivery times;
  • Keeping detailed records and maintaining a well‐organised work schedule;
  • assessing the reliability of sub‐contractors and suppliers;
  • dealing effectively with challenges with suppliers and the flow of materials;
  • ensuring compliance with the safety, health and environment requirements of materials and services;
  • providing advice to the project estimator or surveyor on the predicted cost of individual items;
  • liaising closely with the estimator at the tendering stage to ensure that an accurate project cost is provided;
  • preparing and maintaining cost reports in order to maximise efficiency within the business;
  • negotiating and agreeing the most favourable terms possible with suppliers once a contract has been secured.

 Personal Qualities

  • As a buyer, the candidate will need to have:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • An aptitude for figures and the ability to manage a budget
  • An analytical mind
  • IT skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • The ability to prioritise tasks and manage your time to meet deadlines

  The candidate should be:

  • Able to build good relationships with all kinds of people
  • Persuasive
  • Willing to make decisions and take responsibility for them
  • Well organised, self‐reliant and motivated

If this role interests you please send your CV to Hollingsworth Group, St Ives Way, Engineer Park, Sandycroft, Flintshire, CH5 2QS or e mail to [email protected], including a current curriculum vitae.