NORTH WALES LABC Building Excellence Awards 2014- Hollingsworth Group Nominated


The Hollingsworth Group are proud to announce the nomination for  Best small  Commercial Building, for the Building 53 project at Airbus UK, Broughton.

This nomination further recognises the strong partnership that The Hollingsworth Group and Airbus UK has.

Building Excellence Awards are all about the essence of good buildings. The finalists are not judged on architectural beauty, but on the “Excellence” shown from a construction and technical building control point of view. The awards showcase buildings and design teams that have had to tussle with technical issues, difficult sites, innovative and creative solutions.  This nomination strengthens the quality and commitment of the group.

The LABC are a not-for-profit, member organisation, representing all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. Their members ensure that all buildings are habitable, safe, dry and warm. With over 3,000 professional surveyors and building technicians working in local authority building control they provide a consistent national service that is delivered at a local level.