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Hollingsworth Brothers get ‘BAD’ in the sun


Hollingsworth Brothers & their new SHE Manager, Rebecca Williams is leading the way for SME (Small Medium Enterprises) in occupational health awareness.

Rebecca says “With the HSE identifying construction workers as a significant ‘at risk’ group for skin cancers caused by solar radiation, this makes it a fundamental campaign for us to share with our teams.

With a predicted record-breaking hot June upon us, it is an ideal time to raise this awareness as the summer continues

I contacted the British Association of Dermatologists to support our briefings with information and flyers along with our sun stations

I believe worker engagement is our opportunity to change safety culture and great conversations are vital to this learning.  This doesn’t just apply to work life; the leaflets and information we have delivered is for taking home and sharing with families too.  Some employees have said their children have taken the leaflets to school and shared in ‘show and tell’ another employee has questioned an existing mole and changes to the texture of his skin and visited his doctor to have this checked.”

“It’s really positive and I am happy with the outcome and the great conversations that have come from the briefings, I look forward to carrying this through to further occupational health initiatives at Hollingsworth Brothers ”

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